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  • Christina G.

    This place is awesome an the guys are super nice. Anytime I've ever needed ANYTHING they have always helped me out. Down to lending me a phone charged for two days! They give the most money for your stuff if you need it quick and they will let you put stuff on hold. Ya it's a pawn shop- but they've got great knowledge and also have an eBay business. There is more there than meets the eye. Including service. Letting me try on the same ring over and over every time I come in!


    I am very pleased with the level of customer support that I received while selecting a pair of speakers for my grandmother. I needed an expensive pair of bookshelf speakers to replace a pair of vintage speakers with deteriorated surrounds on the woofers. I was not looking to spend a lot of money. The staff at the pawn shop helped me select a great pair of Klipsch speakers. My grandmother can hear these speakers a lot better than the old ones, and she now listens to music all day.

    Thank you!


    I was in a tough spot when the transmission went out on my Honda. I needed an extra $400 to cover the cost of repairs. I’ve never used a pawn service before walking into Best Pawn with a roll of silver Morgan Dollars. I pawned the coins for the cash to cover the repair. I repaid the pawn on my next paycheck.

    The pawn service helped me greatly when I needed help. THANK YOU! –Mike.

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