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You Car’s Strange Noises Explained

Cars make many noises as you’re driving down the road. While some of the sounds are perfectly normal, others should warn you that there is something wrong. A trained AA Auto Tech car mechanic can identify any weird noises in your car and tell what is wrong with it.

What is Included in a Vehicle Tune-Up?

If you drive your vehicle long enough, you will eventually need to bring in for a comprehensive tune-up. Although tune-ups are different today than they were 20 years ago, vehicles still require some type of maintenance to keep the systems in their car operating well.

What is a Tune-Up and What Does it Include

Although you may know that your car needs a tune-up, you may not know what a tune-up is. Therefore, we have put together a short description and a guide so that you have a better understanding of how essential tune-ups are to the health of your vehicle.

What Is Done During an Automotive Tune Up?

It is recommended that you have a tune up in your car if your car begins to run poorly or sluggishly. This may leave you wondering what exactly is done when this automotive maintenance process is performed. Here are a few things that occur when your car is given a tune up by an automotive specialist.

How Do Bad Spark Plugs Impact Vehicle Performance?

It may seem counter-intuitive that something as small as a spark plug could influence the performance of your vehicle in a big way, but it does. Bad spark plugs lead to a myriad of performance issues ranging from acceleration problems to low fuel efficiency and start-up failures. These negative impacts can ruin your day and make your vehicle less fun to drive.

Why Maintenance Matters: Your Car and You

Ever since you were 16 years old and began learning how to drive you’ve likely heard how important it is to take care of your car with routine maintenance. This is especially true with modern computerized cars designed to run cleaner and more efficiently than ever before. Cars also cost more than ever before, so maintenance is the best means of protecting your investment and getting the most value out of what is likely one of the more expensive purchases you’ve made.

Three Services Performed During A Tune Up

Getting a tune up can save you a lot of money over the long run, because technicians can identify small problems before they become large ones and make the appropriate repairs. When you get a tune up, there are a number of services performed, including an engine inspection, replacement of worn-out filters and replacement of worn-out spark plugs. Each of these services has unique benefits.

Your Car's Yearly Check-up: Don't Wait Until Something Goes Wrong to Bring it to the Auto Shop

Don't wait until your car starts making noise to take it in for a checkup. 

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