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What Are Your Dash Lights Telling You?

Did a warning indicator light just come on in our car? An AA Auto Tech ASE certified car mechanic can diagnose the problem and make the necessary auto repair.

What do All Those Indicator Lights on Your Dashboard Mean?

If you feel like your car’s dashboard looks like a commercial jet operating panel, you’re not alone. Many of the drivers that come into our oil change shop or service center complain that a vehicle warning indicator is on, but have no idea what it means. Although it is possible that a warning light could be triggered accidentally (we need to reset the computer), it usually says that there is a necessary auto repair such as an engine replacement or a tire repair. Below is a quick rundown of all the warning indicator lights on your dashboard and what they mean. If any of these lights come on and stay on, you should bring your car to AA Auto Tech so that a car mechanic can look at it.

The Check Engine Light Is On... But It Runs Ok

We all have friends and relatives who have done it. Many of us might have done it ourselves. We may even know the possible risks of such behavior. Yet it continues. Across our great country, drivers everywhere are driving while their check engine light on.

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