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What is Factory-Recommended Maintenance?

Factory Recommended maintenance extends the life of your vehicle while saving you hundreds of dollars in needles car repairs. By allowing AA Auto Tech mechanics to work on your cars according to factory specifications, we can ensure that we are putting the right parts on your vehicle to optimize its performance.

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How AA Auto Tech Can Get Your Car Ready for Fall

Summer is winding to an end, and before you know it, fall will be here. You may not realize it, but there are certain things that you should have done to your car in the fall. This helps your car to recoup from the warm summer months and prepares it for the cold months ahead. Here are a few of the ways AA Auto Tech can get your car ready for fall.

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Important Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

Despite the warm and rainy El Niño weather, there still is some winter chill heading in from January through March. It's always a good idea to prepare your vehicle before the weather gets too intense. Here are a few ways that you can make sure you're ready for the rain, snow, slush, and ice.

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Tips to Winterize Your Car

Climate changes affect your car, just as they do you. You wouldn’t go outside in a pair of shorts if the temperature was 24 degrees F, so why would you expect your car to function the same as it does in the warmer months? Your car needs to be winterized to function properly, just as you need to put on a pair of pants and a winter coat to go out in freezing or below freezing temperatures.

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