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3 Common Brake Noises and What They Mean

It's easy to take the brakes on your car for granted. We all do it. You have faith that your brakes will be there when you need them. In fact, the only time most people even think about their brakes is when they're not performing properly. Brake noise is one of the most common complaints repair shops receive. And while brake noise may be annoying, it's a sign that something is not right and should be looked at immediately. If your brakes make a noise when in use, schedule an appointment today.

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Common Myths Related to Oil Changes and the Truths Surrounding Those Myths

Oil changes are a routine and important part of car maintenance. The oil helps to lubricate your engine and keep it running smoothly. However, over time, that oil becomes dirty thanks to all of the dirt and sludge in an engine. An oil change is needed to remove the dirty oil and replace it with clean oil. Unfortunately though, there are many myths surrounding oil changes, mostly based on older models cars. Here are a few common myths about oil changes and the truth surrounding them.

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Should You Put Off Auto Repair in the Winter Months?

If your car is not running how it should, you will typically take it in to the repair shop to have it repaired. However, if temperatures are extremely cold, you may find yourself wondering if you should hold off on taking your car in. You may think the cold temperatures are contributing to your car running poorly, or that certain repairs cannot or should not be made in the cold. Here is some information that you should know if you find yourself in need of car repairs in the dead of winter.

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How Long will my New Car last?

Is a million mile car possible and how can you get one? New cars are expensive and when you purchase one how long it will last is one of your prime concerns. Years ago, 50,000 miles was " Old" for a car, and 100,000 miles was virtually unheard of. Today these are just milestones for a modern automobile and even 200,000 plus miles can be achieved. Three million miles is even possible, as a retired science teacher from Long Island, New York has discovered reaching that lofty number with his 1966 Volvo P1800. The fact that his car is in the record books is a clue that three million miles is not  typical but it does make the point that proper care and maintenance can prolong the life of your automobile significantly.

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How Are Engine Light Diagnostics Done?

Most cars have a check engine light. This light helps makes you aware of potential problems within your car that can be damaging to the engine. Often times, this is your first indication that anything is wrong, helping you to catch small problems before they turn into large ones. However, if you have never had this issue before, you may be curious as to how engine light diagnostic, or determining the reason why the light is on, happens. Here are three different ways.

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How Important Is a Summer Check-Up for Your Car?

How Important Is a Summer Check-Up for Your Car?


Very Important! Your summer plans will go much better if your car is in good health and a pre -vacation check up is a good start. Just like spring house cleaning, seasonal check ups for your car should be regularly scheduled events.

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Maintenance Tips and Tricks from the Million Mile Club

If you're like us, you love seeing your odometer rack up mileage, cheering as it passes the 100,000 mile mark and other round numbers. But imagine how good it would feel to put over a million miles on your car! Not many cars make it into the "million mile club," but AA Auto Tech can provide you with auto repair, tune-ups and maintenance to keep your car going strong. Here is a look at some of the maintenance tips and tricks from the million mile club you can use to increase your car's longevity.

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