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What is Factory-Recommended Maintenance?

Factory Recommended maintenance extends the life of your vehicle while saving you hundreds of dollars in needles car repairs. By allowing AA Auto Tech mechanics to work on your cars according to factory specifications, we can ensure that we are putting the right parts on your vehicle to optimize its performance.

Vacation Preparation: Pre-Trip Maintenance for Your Car

Nothing ruins a well-planned road trip quite like a breakdown or other unexpected vehicle repair. Having a professional car mechanic perform a few basic inspections and auto maintenance before hitting the highway can save headaches, money, and major disappointment down the road.

4 Things to Ask an Auto Mechanic

Taking your car to the auto repair shop may be one of the biggest causes of anxiety in the modern world. With all the technological advances in auto manufacturing, your car is a complex mix of precision engineering and electronics requiring specialized care in proper maintenance and repair. The advanced designs and critical computerized components sometimes fail at the worst time, and it is imperative to seek qualified personnel to assess and repair these problems.

Why You Should Choose a Local Car Mechanic

Before you take your vehicle to a corporate car repair chain, you should consider using a local car mechanic first. AA Auto Tech specializes in a wide range of auto repair services for car owners in the Twin Cities. We meet or exceed all industry standards for car repair and provide a higher level of personalized customer service for our clients. Below are five reasons you should choose local service stations over the national competition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Car's Muffler

A muffler is a key component of your car's exhaust system. However, those who are not very familiar with cars may recognize the name of the part, but not really know much about it. If you are trying to learn a little bit more about your car here are a few frequently asked questions you may have about your car's muffler.

Why Specialty Vehicle Repair is So Exacting

Why Specialty Vehicle Repair is So Exacting

At AA Auto Technicians, we work on all types of vehicles, imports and exports. We've been specializing in auto repair services including tune ups, engine repair, engine replacement, transmission replacement, exhaust/muffler service, brakes and more since 1995.

What to Look for in a Mechanic

Everybody knows how important it is to maintain a great relationship a good mechanic. Hopefully, . you only need the mechanic to conduct oil changes and routine maintenance on your car rather than repairs because the car is broken down. Unfortunately, cars can and do break down and when they do it's going to be an inconvenience for the driver. When it happens, the process is a little easier if you already have a mechanic lined up who you know and trust.

How Often Should You Get Your Oil Changed?

There are few fluids in your vehicle as important as oil, because it’s the lubrication that keeps your engine running smoothly every time you drive. Getting your oil changed on a regular basis is important and can make a big difference in the useful life of your engine. Below are important criteria to use when deciding how often to get your oil changed.

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