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From monthly archives: April 2020

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Why Is There a Puddle Under My Car? Top 5 Fluid Leaks & What They Mean

Have you ever seen the dreaded puddle? You know, the one you find under your vehicle after a day at the office or a quick errand run? If you’re like many vehicle owners, you’ve written it off on many occasions—but do you actually know what’s causing it? Sure, you can always assume it’s just your air conditioner hard at work, but what if that puddle is the result of something more serious? Something that could compromise your vehicle’s performance?

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Car Died While Driving? 4 Reasons Why

You’re driving along peacefully, just minding your own business and out of nowhere, your vehicle just...stops. Sound familiar? If so, you’re probably downright confused. It was working fine one second, and the next? Just...nothing. At AA Auto Tech, in our decades of practice, we’ve seen this issue play out again and again. In some cases, the problem requires a quick and simple fix. In others, you could be facing extensive repairs or component replacements, depending on the extent of the issue. Below, we’re discussing five of the most common culprits behind sudden stalls and what they mean for your vehicle.

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