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From monthly archives: April 2017

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Is a Tire Patch or Plug Better?

If you have run over a nail or other type of road debris, you may suddenly have a flat tire. But before you replace the tire, you should check to see if it can be repaired. Many times, if the puncture wound is small and clean, the hole can be repaired and you can avoid the costs associated with having to buy a new tire. There are two ways to repair holes in tires. This includes a patch or a plug. Here is a bit of information about both of these tire repair options and which is better in various situation.

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What Is Done During an Automotive Tune Up?

It is recommended that you have a tune up in your car if your car begins to run poorly or sluggishly. This may leave you wondering what exactly is done when this automotive maintenance process is performed. Here are a few things that occur when your car is given a tune up by an automotive specialist.

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