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From monthly archives: October 2015

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Tips to Winterize Your Car

Climate changes affect your car, just as they do you. You wouldn’t go outside in a pair of shorts if the temperature was 24 degrees F, so why would you expect your car to function the same as it does in the warmer months? Your car needs to be winterized to function properly, just as you need to put on a pair of pants and a winter coat to go out in freezing or below freezing temperatures.

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Top 5 Common Car Repairs

Cars are complex pieces of machinery and lots of things can go wrong with them over time, but auto repair shops see a lot of the same types of problems that require repairs. Often times, these repairs can be avoided by simple things like having tune ups done, the oil changed, the tires replaced, and coolants added when necessary such as in the late spring season you may want to have a quick ac recharge, instead of waiting until that 90 degree day when your car’s A/C is no longer working.

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