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From monthly archives: September 2014

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When To Change Your Brakes?

Brakes every car needs them. When do you know if your car needs brake replacement? Many manufacturers suggest that brake replacement occur at various mileage. Sometimes that is 30,000 miles and others may be 100,000 miles. Why the big difference in mileage? Drivers drive differently and under different conditions both of which impact the life of brakes. So the easy answer is a yearly break inspection timed when you switch from all weather tires to snow tires.

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Synthetic Vs Regular Motor Oil

Your engine is made up of not just moving parts, but moving parts that must work in conjunction with all the other moving parts. To make this happy, oil is used to keep the parts from wearing down. When your engine heats up traditional motor oil begins to break down. If your engine should overheat, then the rate at which traditional breaks down increase. Switching from a standard oil change to synthetic oil helps to do a few things:

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Power Up Your Ride With An Engine Swap!

AA Auto offers factory-grade work and excellent quality parts for all of the repairs that we perform. We invest in our crew so that they have the best tool and the knowledge to know how to use them. For all of your Automotive care needs, call us. We are happy to provide you with an estimate or answer your questions.

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AC Recharge Services At AA Auto Tech

Now is a great time to make sure your car is prepared for any remaining summer heat, and ready for fall and winter defroster needs. Winter is not the kindest season to cars. Cold weather and salt can cause all kinds of wear and tear on vehicle parts. To prevent having an AC Replacement situation, tune up your car's AC system now before you need it for your defrost.

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