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What to Look for in a Mechanic

Everybody knows how important it is to maintain a great relationship a good mechanic. Hopefully, . you only need the mechanic to conduct oil changes and routine maintenance on your car rather than repairs because the car is broken down. Unfortunately, cars can and do break down and when they do it's going to be an inconvenience for the driver. When it happens, the process is a little easier if you already have a mechanic lined up who you know and trust.

Signs Your Fuel Injectors Are Going Bad

The fuel injectors play an important role in the function of your engine. They spray a light gasoline mist onto the engine that helps combine with the oxygen the engine receives to receive and burn gas efficiently. If the fuel injectors are clogged or going bad, your engine may not receive the right amount of gas, causing your car to stall or damaging the engine. Knowing what the signs are of fuel injectors going bad can help you identify the problem when it first develops, ensuring you can get them repaired before major issues develop. Here are a few of those signs.

How Are Engine Light Diagnostics Done?

Most cars have a check engine light. This light helps makes you aware of potential problems within your car that can be damaging to the engine. Often times, this is your first indication that anything is wrong, helping you to catch small problems before they turn into large ones. However, if you have never had this issue before, you may be curious as to how engine light diagnostic, or determining the reason why the light is on, happens. Here are three different ways.

The Most Technologically Advanced Cars on the Road Today

Here we are in the mid-2010s and we still don't have flying cars as predicted as early as the early 20th Century, but car tech has come a long way, especially in the last 10 years. Semi- and fully autonomous cars are no longer dreams of science fiction; they are already on our roads today, making drivers, pedestrians and all other people on our roads today safer. 

Here are the four most technologically advanced cars on the road today:

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