Factory Recommended maintenance extends the life of your vehicle while saving you hundreds of dollars in needles car repairs. By allowing AA Auto Tech mechanics to work on your cars according to factory specifications, we can ensure that we are putting the right parts on your vehicle to optimize its performance.


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What is Factory-Recommended Maintenance?


When a manufacturer engineers a vehicle, they supply it with specific auto parts and provide specifications for maintenance and care. Specifications may include:


●        Maintenance schedules

●        Replacement parts

●        Auto repairs

●        Upgrades

●        Calibrations and adjustments


When you bring your car to our service center for maintenance, we check the specs on the vehicles and provide service precisely the way the manufacturer intended. Although we can provide more generalized service or replace the manufacturer parts with OEM parts, your car is better off with factory recommended maintenance.


What Does Maintenance Include?


In most cases, factory recommended maintenance is similar to standard car maintenance. The difference is that the maintenance is tweaked specifically for your car. For example, changing tires on an F-150 truck may be different from changing tires on a Tesla Model 3. Each has their specifications.


Some maintenance where vehicle specification is essential to adhere to may include:


●        Tune up

●        Brakes

●        Engine maintenance

●        OIl change

●        Engine & transmission replacement

●        Tire repair or tire replacement


In all these areas, we encourage to allow us to perform factory recommended maintenance. We can check the manufacturer specifications and perform the needed service.


Factory Recommended Maintenance and Warranties


Most new and used vehicles come with some warranty. The warranty covers a wide range of potential auto issues such as:


●        Air conditioning

●        Audio system

●        Electrical components

●        Powertrain coverage

●        Emission Control


Many of the items above, as well as other items, are covered in what is known as a bumper-to-bumper warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers all essential (and some minor) parts. You can also purchase extended warranties.


Factory-recommended maintenance adheres to the conditions of the warranty. If a mechanic performs maintenance or replaces parts outside of the terms of the warranty, it could void the warranty, and the car owners may lose coverage.


Should You Take Your Car to a Dealership for Maintenance?


Although many car owners take their vehicle to the dealership where they bought it, it’s not necessary. AA Auto Tech mechanics are certified to work on most cars in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area.


 Although we cannot guarantee that you will save money by bringing your car into our service center, it most car owners recognize that dealerships may be expensive. Also, they do not necessarily provide better service than mechanics that work on a wide range of vehicles.


AA Auto Tech Provides Premier Auto Maintenance in Minneapolis


Whether you drive an economy car or a luxury vehicle, bring your vehicle to AA Auto Tech. We specialize in auto repair and ongoing maintenance for car owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.


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