Nothing ruins a well-planned road trip quite like a breakdown or other unexpected vehicle repair. Having a professional car mechanic perform a few basic inspections and auto maintenance before hitting the highway can save headaches, money, and major disappointment down the road.


The automotive experts at AA Auto Tech recommend checking these things before taking off to ensure your travels go off without a hitch:


1.      Engine oil

Make sure your vehicle’s oil level is full. If your next oil service is near the due date, go ahead and have your oil changed done anyway to avoid a costly oil change shop on the road.


2.      Vital Fluids for Your Auto

While essential fluids such as coolant and transmission fluid are an easy check, ask your technician to top them off during your regular service visit.


3.      Tune-Up

Poorly running engines do not just present a major annoyance. They also suffer from poor gas mileage and can cause further damage if left too long. If you have never had a tune-up performed on your car or don’t know if it has been performed, ask the shop about the suggested service interval and whether they recommend engine service for your vehicle. This extra step may save fuel costs on your trip.


4.      Engine Repair & Upgrades

You should definitely ask your technician to check out any odd noises, rattles, or erratic engine performance before leaving. You never know which odd little tick or click signifies major repair such as engine replacement or transmission replacement, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.


5.      Wheel Maintenance & Replacement

Just as important as a smoothly running power plant are the objects which connect you to the road. High-pitched squeals when stopping usually merit a visit to the brake shop. You should also consider replacing worn tires. An easy way to check tires yourself is to stick a quarter into a groove in the tread. If the tread does not reach Washington’s head, have your tires checked to see if it is time for a new set.





Other Important Auto Maintenance Considerations

Be careful not to overlook some common items around your car before you leave for your trip. Make sure you have a good spare tire that is properly inflated with the proper jack and tools for installation. Check all the lights including turn signals and hazards to make sure they are working.


Especially on long, multi-state journeys, keep a flashlight with fresh batteries in the vehicle along with a few basic tools for emergency roadside repairs. In cold weather, be sure to store a couple of blankets should you find yourself stranded without heat, and consider whether you need an AC recharge for summer vacations far from home. Most of all, bring plenty of common sense, drive safely, and arrive at your destination safe and sound.


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