Taking your car to the auto repair shop may be one of the biggest causes of anxiety in the modern world. With all the technological advances in auto manufacturing, your car is a complex mix of precision engineering and electronics requiring specialized care in proper maintenance and repair. The advanced designs and critical computerized components sometimes fail at the worst time, and it is imperative to seek qualified personnel to assess and repair these problems.


While a properly trained car mechanic will possess knowledge above and beyond the average driver, we’ve put together a helpful list of questions to ask when you take your car in for service.


Questions With Routine Auto Maintenance

Most car owners already know the importance of proper maintenance, such as a tune-up or tire repair/replacement, but they may not know about smaller items in modern cars as well as the availability of different grades or quality of oil and other fluids.


1.      “What Lubricants do Your Recommend?” Whether you use an oil change shop, automotive dealer, or neighborhood repair center, ask the service advisor and/or technician what your manufacturer recommends for oil changes and if they offer a premium product and what makes it superior.


2.      “Can You Check My Air Filters?” Most new cars not only have air filters for your engine, but they also have cabin filters for the air you breathe. If your mechanic recommends changing either of these, ask to see the old one to verify its condition. If filters are not recommended, ask to have them checked.


Questions With Major Auto Repairs

A plethora of issues can arise in late model cars, and many can cost thousands of dollars. You want to know your money is well spent on something as significant as engine replacement or transmission replacement. But even more routine repairs such as AC recharge can still cause pain in the wallet. Arm yourself with information when possible.


3.      “Can I Have a Readout of My Vehicle’s Problem Codes?” Modern cars are computer controlled and require specialized computers for diagnosis of problems. Ask for the readout with problem codes to see what faults are present. Ask the technician to explain their meaning and how he or she plans to address them.


4.      “Can I See the Part You are Replacing?” Ask to see any parts recommended for replacement if possible. A brake shop could easily sell you a set of brake pads long before your current ones are worn out. You have the right to verify recommended service, and any ethical shop will have no issues showing failed parts to their customers.


Protect Your Automobile With Ongoing Car Maintenance

Proper maintenance and repair are imperative to protecting the significant amount of money included with car ownership. AA Auto Tech is dedicated to keeping that cost as low as possible without sacrificing quality of care and the safe operating condition of your automobile. We employ skilled professionals with a commitment to customer satisfaction to ensure a continued safe and reliable driving experience.


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