The shock absorbers on your automobile are not just for a smooth ride. They also contribute to the primary control of your vehicle with effective steering and braking. Shocks have a lifespan of 50,000 miles, depending on road conditions. AA Auto Tech in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota have trained car mechanics and maintenance services to keep your suspension in working order. Here are 4 simple ways to tell that your shocks have gone bad:


1. The Wind Causes Your Car To Veer

Your shocks help keep your tires on the road. If you are over-correcting the steering in high winds because your vehicle is sliding off the road, you likely have worn or leaking shocks. Properly functioning shock absorbers keep your car steady and on a straight path even in windy weather conditions. You may also notice turns cause you to lean excessively. Get your suspension checked out by a professional car mechanic if you are veering on the road.


2. Your Tire Tread Patterns Are Uneven

This is the most common sign that your shocks are going out. Because worn shocks can’t keep your tires firmly on the ground, they will cause uneven tread wear. This is easily noticeable as you will see patchy areas of tread on your tires. This effect of bad shocks increases your risk of hydroplaning and blowing out your tires, so you should see an auto repair expert as soon as possible for safety reasons.


3. Your Vehicle Bounces

Hitting a speed bump or a set of railroad tracks will cause your car to dip and the suspension system allows quick restabilization. When your car bounces a little too much or for too long, it’s a sign your shock absorbers are wearing down. Shocks absorb the impact and vibrations from the road, so an increasingly bumpy ride lets you know it’s time for service. Test out your theory and push down on the hood of your car while it’s parked. If it bounces more than twice, your shocks need service.


4. Stopping Is Delayed

When you begin driving your car, you will become comfortable with the stopping distance required at certain speeds. This distance increasing by about 20% is a sign of worn shocks. A small increase in stopping distance can be the difference between life or death. Delayed stopping could also mean you are due for a brake job. In either event, you need to have maintenance performed by an auto technician right away.


Auto Repair Services in Hastings, Minnesota

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