Are you startled by a gigantic rattle when you start your car and step on the gas? If your muffler is making a loud noise, you should bring it to an experienced car mechanic right away. Putting off repairs can be costly and time consuming. Bring your car into AA Auto Tech and get your muffler fixed today! We do professional auto repair and maintenance for the Hastings, Minnesota area.


Why Your Muffler Needs to Operate Properly

Your exhaust system not only keeps your car quiet, but also re-routes dangerous fumes and optimizes fuel efficiency to make your engine run smoother. It minimizes pollution as well. You need an expert in auto repair to diagnose your issue right away. Your muffler noise may be related to one of these common issues:


Exhaust Malfunction. Something in your exhaust system may be broken if you hear a clunking or thumping sound. Or your exhaust system could even be disconnected. Depending on the amount of damage in the structure, it may be a soft noise or a loud noise. One sign of exhaust system damage is the engine overheating. If you hear a thumping and your engine is overheating, take your car to a mechanic. Broken mufflers can cause partial blockage of the engine. Your vehicle may not start, and it could damage your engine.


Catalytic Converter Replacement. The catalytic converter is one of the most expensive auto parts to replace. The value makes it prone to being stolen in some trucks and SUVs. If your catalytic converter is missing or broken, you’ll notice a loud sound and shake when you crank your automobile. One sign this part may be dying or cracked is the sound of rocks shaking in the muffler. Don’t wait to take your vehicle to an engine repair shop! Regular tune-ups can help you catch problems like this before they become severely damaging.


Hole in the Muffler. A hole in your muffler is no joke. The exhaust leakage is poisonous and fatal in large doses. It’s also damaging to the environment. Besides the car overheating, a sign you have a hole in your muffler is that your fuel is running out faster than usual. If you notice any of these signs, take your automobile to a professional car mechanic as soon as possible. Driving your car under these conditions could severely damage your engine.


AA Auto Tech in Hasting, Minnesota Repairs Noisy Mufflers

Have your car checked for muffler issues on a regular basis to keep these problems in check. If you live near Hastings, Minnesota, bring your vehicle into AA Auto Tech to fix a loud muffler. To schedule service, call us at 651-437-2218, or you can message us on our contact page.