A wide range of issues can cause the air conditioner to stop working in your car. The quicker we service your AC system, the less you will see in repair costs or auto AC replacement. Fixing your automobile’s air conditioner isn’t something you want to try to do yourself; you need an expert who can handle the job according to industry standard. At AA Auto Tech our professional mechanics are experts in fixing air conditioners. If you are in the Hastings area of Minnesota, let us be your one-stop shop for all your auto maintenance needs!


Common Causes of AC Problems

Here are some common problems that may arise with your AC:


Moisture Contamination. Your AC should be able to remove moisture from the air, but if the humidity is too high, it may cause clogs. It may fog up your windows because there is too much water in the air. It also may cause your skin to feel wet and clammy. The presence of microorganisms can cause a terrible odor in the car.


Clogged Condenser. The condenser cools the refrigerant vapors that come from the compressor. Dirt, debris, and sludge can clog the condenser and cause it to malfunction or stop functioning altogether. Fix this malfunction by flushing the system with a flushing agent that disappears quickly without a trace left behind. If you keep having issues with your compressor, you may have to replace it. If the rest of your AC unit is in decent condition, this could be cheaper in the long run.


Repulsive Smells. When your air conditioner isn’t in use, bacteria and fungus may quickly multiply in the AC unit and be a partial cause of contamination to the inside of your car. Sometimes this can be flushed out with the right agent and an expert auto mechanic.


Low Refrigerant. The refrigerant is contained in the coils of your AC unit. This agent vaporizes to cool and dehumidify the air. Every year it can automatically decrease by fifteen percent just on its own. Seals can dry out and crack, especially during the cold weather when it’s not in use. This condition or other leaks can cause the levels to be low, resulting in your air conditioner not cooling properly, if at all.


Compressor Issues. Another common problem is the compressor. You may hear a noise coming from the AC if the compressor is going out. The part itself could be cracked, or it could be a belt, valve, clutch or switch.


AA Auto Tech in Hasting, Minnesota provides professional AC service

Have your car checked for AC issues on a regular basis to keep these problems in check. If you live near Hastings, Minnesota, bring your vehicle into AA Auto Tech for an AC recharge or routine tune-up. Call us at 651-437-2218, or you can message us on our contact page.