Tires... without them we are not going anywhere quickly. Snow tires are constructed differently than performance tires and yet, in a sense snow tires are performance tires. They perform better in winter conditions regular tires. The reason is quite simple.




More natural Rubber: Snow tires are manufactured with more natural rubber and less synthetic rubber. The benefit is that snow tires remain flexible at colder temperatures, and are thus able to grip the road better than regular street tires. The key is their cold weather interaction. These are not mud tires that are designed to take you off-road at a tractor pull. These are tires that are designed to make driving safer during the colder months of the year. Auto tires that have a higher concentration of synthetic rubber become stiff and unbending during cold weather driving. This means that the tire does not conform to the road as quickly as a snow tire would. That is a huge bonus when driving on snow or ice or on road surfaces that change in texture. Standard car tires often slip and slide when they are equipped in cold weather climates.




The biggest problem with snow tires is that they are softer than standard tires and in warm weather driving they wear quickly. People who live in snow country or where the temperature drops below freezing usual keep two sets of rims and tires for normal driving and winter driving. It becomes an easy switch to swap tire and rims as needed. If you are interested in more information about driving in the snow or winter weather just contact us. We are happy to show you the differences between tires and recommend tires that are right for your car and driving conditions.