Cars make lots of noises as you’re driving down the road. While some of the sounds are perfectly normal, others should warn you that there is something wrong. A trained AA Auto Tech car mechanic can identify any weird noises in your car and tell what is wrong with it. If you hear any odd sounds, bring your vehicle to our shop and let our experts find the problem and fix it right away. Below is a list of 10 familiar car noises and what they mean.


1. Squealing, Scraping, Grinding

These noises often occur when you apply the brakes to the car. They usually indicate we need to replace the brake pads or rotors. The louder the sound, the worse the brakes get. Therefore, we recommend that you bring the car to our brake shop for a brake replacement.


2. Thumping Noises While You’re Driving

Thumping noises are common when driving on bumpy roads. If you hear bumpy noises on a smooth highway, however, it could mean that the car is riding on a bad axle. It could also mean you have a bad tire that is quickly deteriorating. You may need a tire repair or tire replacement.


3. Hissing or Sizzling Noises From the Engine

Hint: This is not a good sign. If you hear these sounds coming from your engine, you should cease driving the car immediately. Hissing and Sizzling are signs that the engine is missing or low on some fluid (oil, power steering, coolant). The fluid is either dripping on a hot area, or the engine is overheated. You may need to bring your car to our service center for an engine repair.


4. Knocking Noises When You Accelerate

Like hissing and sizzling, knocking noises are never good. You should probably get your car inspected from an AA Auto tech mechanic right away because there is probably a loose belt caused by a bad tensioner. It could also be engine problems if it’s oil-related. The sooner you get the problem fix, the less expensive it will be.


5. Rattling Under the Hood or the Car

Rattling is usually a sign that something is loose. A loose item under the hood can wreak havoc in the belts and the fan if it is bouncing around. A loose item underneath the car can break off and cause more damage or a wreck. If there is rattling underneath the car, it could be the wheels, transmission, muffler or other parts that are lower to the ground.


Bring Your Noisy Car to AA Auto Technicians

If you hear strange noises coming from your vehicle, don’t delay getting it checked out. Bring your car to AA Auto Technicians. We service personal and commercial vehicles in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Our services include tune-ups, brake repair, engine repair, oil changes, transmission replacement, and tire replacement. To schedule an auto repair, contact us at 651-437-2218, or you can message us on our contact page.