If you feel like your car’s dashboard looks like a commercial jet operating panel, you’re not alone. Many of the drivers that come into our oil change shop or service center complain that a vehicle warning indicator is on, but have no idea what it means. Although it is possible that a warning light could be triggered accidentally (we need to reset the computer), it usually says that there is a necessary auto repair such as an engine replacement or a tire repair. Below is a quick rundown of all the warning indicator lights on your dashboard and what they mean. If any of these lights come on and stay on, you should bring your car to AA Auto Tech so that a car mechanic can look at it.


Check Engine

The engine computer is indicating that something is wrong the engine due to a break in the communication code. We need to diagnose the problem right away to see if the automobile needs an engine repair.


Battery Charge

The voltage level is low in the battery. Your car either needs a battery replacement, or we need to recharge the battery.


Coolant Temperatures

The temperature in the engine is has exceeded that acceptable limit. It’s usually due to a lack of oil or coolant in the system. You may need an oil change, coolant refill, or a tune-up.


Transmission Temperature

The transmission is overheating due to a deficiency in transmission fluid. If you allow this to continue for too long, your car will need a transmission replacement.


Oil Pressure Warning or Oil Change Reminder

One of the most useful warning lights. Don’t ignore it. Bring the car to our oil change shop for an oil change or a top off to keep the oil levels where they need to be.


Service Vehicle Soon

Service indicator lights could indicate that your car is on a service schedule (oil change, fluid refills, tune up, etc.) and that it’s time for routine service. If we’ve service your car before, you can bring it in, and we can check our records to see what needs what auto service we need to perform.


TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System):

The pressure in your tires is running low. Do not be alarmed, yet. There may be nothing wrong with the tire. They may need a standard air refill. On the other hand, the car may need a tire repair or a tire replacement.


Brake System

If your brakes go out or if they are wearing down, the indicator light will tell you. Bring your car to our brake shop, and we’ll replace them so that you can drive safely down the road.


Bring Your Car to AA Auto Tech When the Light Comes On

Although the list above is an initial list of warning indicator lights, it’s by no means comprehensive. Today’s vehicles have a wide range of lights and warning systems that tell you something is wrong with your car. If you notice a light on or blinking, bring your vehicle to AA Auto Tech today to have it checked by an ASE certified mechanic. We service all vehicles in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. To schedule a diagnostic, call us at 651-437-2218, or you can message us on our contact page.