During both the winter and summer seasons, you need to bring your car into the AA Auto Tech service center so that a car mechanic can inspect your cooling system. It’s during both the hot and freezing periods of the year when your cooling system is most vulnerable. By keeping current with fresh coolant and undergoing any leak repair, we can help you avoid significant auto repair issues such as transmission replacement or engine replacement.

The Benefits of a Radiator Flush
Over time, the antifreeze in your radiator will become dirty and break down. Once this happens, it no longer can keep your car cool. It’s time for us to perform a radiator flush and possibly a tune-up. There are several benefits to this:

●        Radiator freeze prevention

●        Ongoing protection against overheating

●        Reduce the thermal penetration from the heat built inside the engine

●        Improved heater and AC efficiency

●        Reduction in frequency of an AC Recharge

Efficiency in the Cooling System
When we flush your cooling system each time we change the coolant, we can optimize how efficient your entire system is running. By using less energy, all the components will last longer without any need for replacement. Each part can operate at peak performance. We recommend that you bring the car in for a flush every 40,000 miles. Since each vehicle is different, we can check the manufacturer's specifications for your particular model. If your odometer is over 40,000 miles and you’ve never had the radiator flushed, then now is the time to do it.

Radiator Leak Repair
Have you ever pulled out of the driveway and noticed stains on the surface? If the stains are green or reddish-orange and have a particular odor, it could be a sign that there’s a leak in the radiator or somewhere else in the cooling system. We offer a point-by-point inspection of all the parts and equipment to identify where the leak may be. A radiator leak is an urgent issue that we need to correct immediately. If you do not take care of it right away, your engine could overheat. You could be looking at a costly engine repair or engine replacement.

AA Auto Tech Can Keep Your Engine Cool All Season
If it’s time for a radiator flush, then bring your car to AA Auto Tech. Our certified mechanics can inspect your entire system, flush out the old coolant, and replace it with fresh new coolant or antifreeze. To schedule a flush, contact us at 651-437-2218. We are Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota’s most trusted auto repair service center.