You depend on your car every day to get you to and from your many destinations. AA Auto Tech also cares about your car and wants to help you keep it running all season long. Whether you need an AC Recharge, an engine repair, or an oil change, we suggest that you bring your car in for routine maintenance. Typical car maintenance issues you should be concerned about include the following items below.


1. Batteries

Before your car can move, it must be able to turn on. The battery is where it all begins. The battery system includes the following:


●        The battery cell

●        Spark plugs

●        Wires

●        Ignition Coils


Although batteries can for a long time without requiring any maintenance, it is a good idea for you to bring your car to our service center where a car mechanic can perform a routine inspection on the battery to ensure that it is working correctly.


2. Transmission Replacement or Repair

Many of the auto repair and maintenance issues that we deal with every day have to do with either a manual or automatic transmission repair. Leaks usually occur around the transmission seals. Once the fluid starts dripping, the transmission can dry up. The gears will become worn down or overheated, and the transmission will no longer work. At this point, we will have to perform a transmission replacement.


3. Suspension and Shocks

Today's suspension and shock systems are impressively resilient. They can handle the Minneapolis and St. Paul streets as well as the Minnesota hills, curves, and rough terrain. But just like any tune-up or engine repair, the shocks will wear out and in time. How do you know if we need to inspect your shocks or suspension?


●        Bumpy or shaky ride

●        Poor steering response

●        Stiffness in the way the car handles

●        Noise every time you hit a bump

●        Swaying or leaning whenever you change lanes


4. Tire Repair or Brake Replacement

Tires and brake performance are critical for making sure that your car operates smoothly and safely on almost any type of terrain. We recommend that you bring your car in every six months so that we can rotate the tires and check the condition of the brakes. We’ll need to replace the brakes before they become too worn. If you hear squealing or grinding or you feel the tires wobbling, then bring your car into our brake shop or tire center.


Dependable Auto Repair You Can Count On

AA Auto Tech car mechanics specialize in comprehensive auto repair and ongoing maintenance for your car. We are Minnesota certified and licensed to work on both personal and commercial vehicles. You can count on us for fast, efficient service and affordable rates. We provide service for all car owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.