Although you may know that your car needs a tune-up, you may not know what a tune-up is. Therefore, we have put together a short description and a guide so that you have a better understanding of how essential tune-ups are to the health of your vehicle.


What Exactly is a Tune-Up?

AA Auto Technicians perform hundreds of tune-ups annually. For drivers with standard fuel-based engines, a tune-up is either repair or replacement of the following items:


●        Spark plugs

●        Distributor points

●        Cap and rotor

●        Fuel filter

●        Air filter


Keep in mind, due to the modernization of many vehicles; our service is a subject change from car to car. For instance, some vehicles now run on electric while others are a hybrid of electric power and fuel power. Thus, the term tune-up means different things to different cars.


Why Are Tune-Ups Important?

A tune-up ensures that your entire vehicle is running properly. If the components we mentioned above were to break down, then the engine would be negatively affected. But there are also other reasons to bring your car in for a tune-up:


●        Your car is less likely to break down on the side of the road.

●        Your car will require fewer repairs and less maintenance.

●        A proper tune-up can help you avoid accidents on the highway.

●        A tune-up will extend the life of your car.


How Often Should Your Car Have a Tune-Up?

The question of how often your car needs a tune-up depends on the type of car you have and how old it is. For instance, we would recommending bringing an older car into our shop every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. Newer vehicles, however, can go anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 miles. Check with an AA Auto Technicians specialist to find out the manufacturer requirements for your particular vehicle.


Trust AA Auto Technicians with Your Car’s Tune-Up

You only want the best for your car. That’s why should bring it to AA Auto Technicians to receive a quality tune-up. We are dedicated to taking care of your car and making sure that it runs powerfully and smoothly on the road. Call us today at (651) 437-2218 or come by and visit our auto center. We service both personal and commercial vehicles throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.