Brakes every car needs them. When do you know if your car needs brake replacement? Many manufacturers suggest that brake replacement occur at various mileage. Sometimes that is 30,000 miles and others may be 100,000 miles. Why the big difference in mileage? Drivers drive differently and under different conditions both of which impact the life of brakes. So the easy answer is a yearly break inspection timed when you switch from all weather tires to snow tires.



Tires and Brakes

Tires make a huge difference in the stopping ability of your car. Snow tires help your car stop safely and quickly in winter conditions. However, they are soft and wear quicker on dry summer roads. If you drive in the snow, slush, sleet, and ice you should consider snow tires over all season tires. Brakes work with your tires to stop your vehicle safely. Brake calipers that grab are dangerous, especially on ice or wet roads. 




Brake rotors need to be smooth and even so that all of the brake pad is being used to slow your car to a stop. Brake pads need to be in good condition. If they wear unevenly, they can cause damage to the rotors and cause your car to pull or lurch to one side when you apply the brakes. Brakes should also be quiet. If you hear a noise when you apply, your brakes have them check immediately.


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