During the winter months, the temperature dips below the freezing mark. This can be rough on the fluids in your car, particularly the oil. It is important to have the oil in your car changed before the winter months hit. This helps to winterize your car, ensuring it operates properly during the cold months and keeps your engine safe. Here are a few of the reasons why it is important to change your oil before winter.


You Need to Change the Type of Oil in Your Car

One of the most important reasons to change the oil in your car is because you need to actually change the type of oil that is used in the car. During the winter months, you want to use a lower viscosity oil than in the summer months. Most experts recommend a 20 viscosity in the winter and a 30 in the summer. This allows oil to more freely move about the engine, even when the temperatures are at their coldest. If you don't change your oil, you cannot change the type of oil that is used in your car, as you should never mix two different types of oil in the car.


The Oil Filter Needs to Be Changed

Another reason why it is important to have an oil change before winter is that the oil filter needs to be changed. When it is cold outside, your oil filter can more readily snap or break when pressure is put on it. This is more likely to happen with an older or worn filter. Replacing the filter before the cold temperatures sets in helps to prevent this problem.


Helps Protect Your Engine

The last reason you will want to replace your oil before the winter months is because changing your oil helps to protect your engine. In the colder months, oil naturally thickens. If there is any sludge in the engine due to old oil, that will thicken as well, which can block oil and prevent it from flowing. This can cause major engine problems. Changing your oil helps to clean out all of the sludge that is in your car and around the engine, helping to protect the engine during the coldest months of the year.


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