Depending on where you live and how often you drive your car, you can expect to have to recharge the air conditioning system every three to five years. If you have never had this done before, or it has been some awhile, you may have some questions about this. Here are a few of the questions you may have about having your car's air conditioner recharged.


Why Does a Car's Air Conditioner Need to Be Recharged?

Cars use refrigerant or Freon to produce cold air that is blown into your car. This material evaporates as it comes into contact with hot air. Eventually, you can run low. When this happens, your car may have trouble producing cold air when you turn the air conditioner on. Recharging, also called topping off, involves adding more refrigerant or coolant to the air conditioner so you can continue to have cold air blowing throughout your car.


What Are the Signs The Air Conditioner Needs to Be Recharged?

The number one sign that your air conditioner needs to be recharged is not having enough cold air. Your car's air conditioning unit may take significantly longer to cool your car down or the air may not feel as cold as it once was. The temperature of the air will slowly taper off until the tank is empty, at which point, you will not have any cold air. As such, it is recommended you have the system recharged when you first notice the air conditioner is not cooling as sufficiently as it once did.


What Should You Expect When Having Your Car's Air Conditioner Recharged?

If you are having your car's air conditioning system recharged, you may not be sure what to expect. Generally, an inspection of your car's air conditioning system will need to be done before refrigerant or Freon is added. During this inspection, the mechanic is looking for any leaks. Once that is done, they may recommend that you have your air conditioning unit flushed. This is typically done every other recharge, but may be needed more frequently depending on the air condition where you live. Once that is done, freon is added. All in all, you should expect the process to take a couple of hours, but it should not be an all day job unless other repairs are needed.


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