Engines are one of the biggest expenses you can have with your car. They are both costly to repair and replace. However, if yours has an issue, and you want it repaired, you may find yourself debating whether the engine should be repaired or replaced. Here are a few of the factors that an auto mechanic looks at when determining which is the better option for your vehicle.


Age and Condition of the Engine

One of the first things a mechanic will do is examine your engine. There is no point in repairing a blown head gasket on an engine that may be rusty and corroded or have other problems. As such, the mechanic will look at both the age and condition of the existing engine when making a recommendation to you about repairing versus replacing.


Getting Parts for the Engine

Another factor a mechanic will look at is how easy or hard it is to get parts for the engine to make the repairs. Typically, an engine in a ten-year-old car is not going to go out. But an engine in a 15 or 20-year-old car may. By this time, parts can be hard to find and come by in these older cars, making a repair more challenging.


The Cost of Repair vs. Replacement

Many people are under the impression that replacing an engine is cheaper than replacing it. This is not always the case. Some engines need to be completely rebuilt. This is time-consuming and costly. If cost is an important factor to you, a great mechanic will determine how much repairing the engine will cost versus replacing it.


Your Desire to Keep the Existing Engine

Lastly, the mechanic will take into account your desire to keep the existing engine. If you have a classic car or an older, hard to find a car, you may be want to repair the engine, regardless of the cost. Some people want the original parts for sentimental reasons or to keep the car intact and original.


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