If your AC hasn't been working as well as it should, you might want to invest in an AC recharge. An AC recharge is a simple and fast process that recharges the refrigerant connected to your air conditioning system, leading to better, cooler air throughout your car.

Why Does Your Car Need a Recharge?

Air conditioning systems work on a refrigerant, which allows the vehicle to cool air and then pump the air back into the system. Over time, the refrigerant ends up leaking out -- even if there aren't any actual leaks in your car. A recharge replaces this refrigerant so that your vehicle's cooling system works like new again. Refrigerant is inexpensive and can be replaced in a matter of minutes. At the same time, your car's AC can also be checked and filters can be cleaned and changed to improve performance overall.

Should You Use a Professional?

It is possible to complete an AC recharge on your own, but there are a few reasons why using a professional is generally better. Different types of car require different types of refrigerant, and you don't want to use the wrong type for your car. Not installing the refrigerant correctly could also lead to damage to your car's air conditioning system, which could be a costly fix.

Do You Need an AC Recharge?

You can usually tell if your car needs an AC recharge by the quality of your air. A car that needs an air conditioning recharge is going to still blow air just as forcefully, but the air that it is blowing is going to feel warm or mildly cool rather than cold. If your car simply isn't blowing air, then it's more likely to be a different problem -- such as fans not working or filters needing to be cleaned out. You may also need an AC recharge if you simply haven't had one in a while. An older vehicle that hasn't had a recharge in a few years is probably about due for one. A professional can simply check your refrigerant levels to tell you whether you need a recharge.

AA Auto Tech can perform an AC recharge on your vehicle quickly, ensuring that you're ready for the hotter months of the summer. If you're experiencing issues with your AC, don't delay; the fix could be quite simple.