Synthetic motor oil has advantages over regular oil


When it is time for your car oil change consider switching from regular motor oil to Synthetic motor oil. Consider that most, if not all, NASCAR race cars use synthetic oil over regular oil. The reason is that a Synthetic oil holds up better under extreme conditions. While your car may not experience the same kind of conditions that NASCAR engines face as a daily driver, when something goes wrong with your engine the results are the same.

Opting for a synthetic oil change:

Your engine is made up of not just moving parts, but moving parts that must work in conjunction with all the other moving parts. To make this happy, oil is used to keep the parts from wearing down. When your engine heats up traditional motor oil begins to break down. If your engine should overheat, then the rate at which traditional breaks down increase. Switching from a standard oil change to synthetic oil helps to do a few things:


  • Synthetic oil lasts longer so your car may require fewer oil changes.
  • Synthetic oil protects your car better during episodes of engine overheating.
  • Synthetic oil protects your car's engine better during daily operations.



 Those are just three reasons to consider changing to synthetic oil at your next oil change. For all of your automotive maintenance needs head over to AA Auto Tech.