It's easy to take the brakes on your car for granted. We all do it. You have faith that your brakes will be there when you need them. In fact, the only time most people even think about their brakes is when they're not performing properly. Brake noise is one of the most common complaints auto repair shops receive

And while brake noise may be annoying, it's a sign that something is not right and should be looked at immediately. If your brakes make a noise when in use, schedule an appointment today.

Here are the 3 most common brake noises and what they mean:

  1. A Grinding Noise: If you hear a grinding noise when you hit your brakes, consider this a wake-up call. Stop driving immediately and have a licensed technician inspect your car. The metal on metal grinding noise you're hearing is caused by lack of brake pads. Similar to a bar of soap, brake pads wear away over time and use. Replacing brake pads is a relatively cheap fix when compared to replacing drums and rotors.
  2. A Thumping Noise: This one can be hard to diagnose, but most likely, the rear drums are to culprit here.  With excessive use, brake drums can become warped over time, causing a thumping noise. This noise will drive you crazy, but it can usually be fixed by replacing the rear drums. When your brakes are hot, driving through a large puddle can also cause the drums and rotors to warp, leading to a thumping sound.
  3. A Squeaking Noise: This is perhaps the most common brake noise. Squeaking noises are not only common, they are often intentional. The squeaking noise you hear is mostly like one of two issues: cheap brakes or worn brakes. Cheap brake pads contain metal flakes that can drag along the rotor, causing a squeaking sound. Brake pads also contain a wear indicator that rubs along the rotor when the pads have been worn too far. This noise means your brakes need to be replaced right away.

Now that we have covered the three most common break noises, if you're experiencing any of these noises or others related to your brakes, bring your car in today for an inspection.