It is recommended that you have a tune up in your car if your car begins to run poorly or sluggishly. This may leave you wondering what exactly is done when this automotive maintenance process is performed. Here are a few things that occur when your car is given a tune up by an automotive specialist.

Replacing the Spark Plugs

When your car receives a tune up, the spark plugs are replaced. The spark plugs provide the electric spark for combustion in your engine. As they age, they have less of a spark, which can cause your car to not start as quickly as it once did, sputter at lights or even stall.

Changing the Air Filter

The air filter prevents dirt, dust and air contaminants from entering your engine area. These items can weigh down the performance of your engine. However, as you drive your car, the filter becomes full. Replacing the filter helps it to properly filter the air, ensuring your engine and engine cabin stay as clean as possible.

Changing the Fuel Filter

Another item that is replaced during a tune up is the fuel filter. The fuel filter catches any dirt and sludge that may be present in fuel. If the filter becomes full, your car may have problems accelerating, as it may not be getting the amount of fuel it needs to do so. Also, your dirt may not be properly filtered out of your fuel which can affect all of the parts that it comes in contact with.

Flushing the Fuel Injectors

The last thing that is done during a tune up is flushing the fuel injectors. Sludge in oil and dirt in gas can build up on your fuel injectors, valves and pistons. This can cause these items not to perform as well as they should. When the system is flushed, a cleaning solution is pushed through the system, removing all of this build up and helping these parts to run smoothly and efficiently.

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