When your brakes are screeching or squealing, you likely need to have your brakes done. Typically when your brakes are done, the pads or shoes are replaced. In some instances, your rotors may also need to be resurfaced or replaced. If it seems like a shop is recommending you resurface or replace your rotors every time the shoes are replaced, you may find yourself wondering if this is normal. Here are a few questions you may have about whether your rotors need to be resurfaced every time your brakes are done.


Do Brake Rotors Need to Be Resurfaced When You Are Having Your Brakes Done?

As a general rule of thumb, most rotors need to be resurfaced every other time that your brake pads are replaced. However, in some vehicles, the thin rotors are used to keep weight down, such as in most luxury sports cars. These cars need to have their rotors replaced every time the brake pads are replaced. Additionally, if your rotors wear fast, you may need them replaced more frequently.


What Factors Cause Rotors to Wear?

If your rotors are wearing faster than expected, they may need to be replaced every time the brake pads are replaced, rather than every other time. The type of metal your brake pads and the rotors are made from affect the lifespan of the rotor. Someone who drives in city traffic will need their rotors replaced more frequently than someone who typically drives on the freeway more. Weather elements, such as ice and road salt, can negatively impact rotors. And lastly, your braking and driving style affect your rotors. If you brake hard or find yourself slamming on your brakes frequently, your rotors will wear faster than someone who steadily brakes their car.


When Should Rotors Be Replaced?

Each time a rotor is resurfaced, it losses some of its thickness. Eventually, the rotor will need to be replaced. Unless a rotor is damaged due to ruts or uneven wear, most need to be replaced after being resurfaced three to four times, depending on the thickness and weight of the rotor.


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