Oil changes are a routine and important part of car maintenance. The oil helps to lubricate your engine and keep it running smoothly. However, over time, that oil becomes dirty thanks to all of the dirt and sludge in an engine. An oil change is needed to remove the dirty oil and replace it with clean oil. Unfortunately though, there are many myths surrounding oil changes, mostly based on older models cars. Here are a few common myths about oil changes and the truth surrounding them.

Your Car Needs an Oil Change Every 3000 Miles

Two to three decades ago, you did need to change your oil every 3000 miles. However, these days, thanks to cleaner running engines and better grades of oil and gasoline, that is no longer needed. Some cars can go 10,000 to 15,000 miles before they need to have an oil change. Always carefully read over your owner's manual to find out how often a manufacturer recommends you have the oil in your car changed. You will be surprised to know you have been doing it far too often if you've been having it done every 3000 miles.

You Can't Switch Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil

This is another myth that may have been true years ago, but no longer rings true. It used to be recommended that you select either conventional oil or synthetic and stick to it. It was not recommended that you switch back and forth. However, these days, you can switch from synthetic to conventional as you please. And in fact, many people do as the weather changes. Synthetic oil is often used in cold weather conditions and conventional oil can then be swapped out in spring and summer time.

If Your Oil is Black, It Needs to be Changed

There is an old myth that states if the oil on your dipstick is brown, your oil is fine and should not be replaced. However, if it is black, it is dirty and needs to be replaced. But this is not true. While oil may be black because it is dirty, it can also be black due to by-products in the combustion. These by-products have no affect on the oil and whether it needs to be replaced or not. As such, you shouldn't rely on the color of the oil to tell you when an oil change is due.

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