Toward the end of summer, you may have noticed your car's air condition system was not cooling as efficiently as it should. But perhaps you got busy with life or decided you would worry about it when you needed the air conditioner again. While it isn't warm yet, you may be thinking in the coming months, winter will give way to warm weather and now may be a great time to have your air conditioning system recharged. But can it be done in winter? Here is some information you should know.

Having the Air Conditioner Recharged When It is Above 75 Degrees

It is highly recommended that you wait until it is 75 degrees or higher to have the air conditioning unit in your car recharged. This process goes by many names including refilling the Freon or refrigerant, topping off the air conditioner or recharging the air conditioner. Regardless of what you call it, it is highly recommended that you wait until it warms up outside. Refrigerant's weight changes when it is cold out as it contracts in the cold. This causes it to give off inaccurate readings in cold temperatures. This makes it hard to determine how much is already in your system, how much needs to be added and how much may have been added when adding in these elements.

Having the Air Conditioner Recharged When It is Below 75 Degrees

Unfortunately, there may be instances where you cannot wait for temperatures to increase and you want your car's air conditioning system recharged, even in the dead of winter. While it is recommended that you wait until it is 75 degrees out, a mechanic can recharge the system if they take the correct steps when doing so. They will have to store your car in a warm, heated garage. They will then have to heat your air conditioning system and the refrigerant they are using. Refrigerant does expand a little in the heat, so they will have to account for this when they recharge your system. It is a bit of extra work, but it is the only way to accurately top of your auto's air conditioning system in the winter months.

If your car's air conditioner is not working as well as it should, contact AA Auto Tech in Hastings, MN. We can help you determine if your air conditioner needs to be recharged in winter or if repairs are needed to find a leak and how to go about doing so. Set up an appointment with us today.