During the winter months, it can be cold in your car. So in order to stay warm, you turn on your heater. But if it is cold out and you turn the heater on and no hot air comes on, you may find yourself wondering why and what you should do. Here are a few reasons why the heater in your car is not blowing warm air.

Low Antifreeze Level

The number one reason why your car's heater is not blowing any warm air is because you have a low antifreeze level. This may be because you simply need to top off the antifreeze, may be caused by a leak in one of your hoses or could even be caused by a crack in your radiator. If your car isn't blowing warm air, check the antifreeze level in your car. If that solves the problem, you know it is related to the antifreeze level. If it doesn't, something else may be going on.

A Bad Thermostat

Your car gets heat from the engine to heat your car. If warm air isn't blowing into your car, it may be because your engine is not heating up enough. This is caused by a bad thermostat. Unfortunately, this hard to diagnose on your own and can cause major problems to the engine if it is not caught in a timely manner.

Electrical Issues

If your heater is not blowing any air at all, or it starts and stops, you likely have electrical issues. You may have a bad blower fan, a blown fuse or the wires may be beginning to fray. A mice or rat could have even chewed the wires causing the problems. A mechanic can inspect your electrical system to find out what may be causing the heater to work sporadically or not blow air at all.

If your heater is not working, AA Auto Tech can help you fix it. We are an automotive service shop in Hastings, MN. We can help you with car maintenance and repairs including but not limited to oil changes, tire rotations, engine repairs and transmission repairs and replacements. Call us today and set up an appointment to get your car's heater repaired so you stay warm this winter.