Why Specialty Vehicle Repair is So Exacting

At AA Auto Technicians, we work on all types of vehicles, imports and exports. We've been specializing in auto repair services including tune ups, engine repair, engine replacement, transmission replacement, exhaust/muffler service, brakes and more since 1995.

Oftentimes, we will get questions about our specialty vehicle repair. Specialty vehicle repair tends to be more exacting than your traditional sedan or truck, but why is that the case? Here are some reasons we believe specialty vehicle repair is so exacting.

Specialty Cars Are Built To Higher Standards

Generally speaking, specialty cars are built to higher standards with fewer tolerances for error. In many cases, a turn of the wrench or the appropriate fluid can make the difference. Car repair shops who don't understand this can be prone to error. We have the experience to make sure we are using the correct parts, tolerances and fluids recommended by the manufacturer.

They Are More High Performance

Specialty vehicles tend to get more out of their engines and drive trains. They are engineered for maximum performance, which can be negated by an improper repair.

They Take Special Knowledge and Tools

Specialty vehicles are far less common that vehicles produced by the millions. Fewer automotive technicians are aware of the intricacies that are inherent in them or have the experience to repair them properly. Some shops just simply aren't equipped with the tools to repair a wide-range of vehicles like specialty vehicles.

Specialty Car Owners Expect a Higher Level of Work

Let's face it. Specialty vehicle repairs are also more exacting because of the high standards of their owners. They likely have a significant investment in their vehicle and have expectations of perfection. It's a level of service they can expect from AA Auto Technicians.

Why You Should Choose AA Auto Tech as Your Auto Repair Resource

Our ASE Certified technicians have the education and experience for even the most challenging auto problems on all makes and models of domestic and import vehicles. We are a family owned company that is customer focused and that guarantees our work. We encourage preventative maintenance, but are equipped for complete engine and transmission rebuilds. We are proud to have built our business with customers from Hastings, Cottage Grove, Inver Grove Heights, Eagan, Rosemount, Vermillion, Hampton and the surrounding communities. When you have an auto repair issue with your specialty vehicle or your daily beater, we are here to help at AA Auto Tech.