Everybody knows how important it is to maintain a great relationship a good mechanic. Hopefully, . you only need the mechanic to conduct oil changes and routine maintenance on your car rather than repairs because the car is broken down. Unfortunately, cars can and do break down and when they do it's going to be an inconvenience for the driver. When it happens, the process is a little easier if you already have a mechanic lined up who you know and trust.

Knowledge and Abilities

One of the most important aspects of a mechanic is his knowledge and ability to conduct repairs whether because of a mechanical failure or after an accident. A great mechanic is going to be familiar with different makes and models of vehicles, and know about common problems which tend to come up with each specific brand. It's not your job to regularly check with the manufacturer for recalls and manufacturer recommended safety upgrades, instead you trust your mechanic to know about such things and inform you of them if they are an issue with your car.


Trustworthiness is an important aspect of any mechanic, and in spite of mechanic stereotypes which portray them as dishonest, you can reasonably trust most of them. The problem is that any mechanic can make up a legitimate sounding repair which seems right to the layman. You may have heard such terms as a carburetor and catalytic converter, but you've never heard of a paradigm phase controller because there is no such thing, even though it sounds reasonable when you car isn't running properly and that's one of the things the mechanic says needs to be replaced. The bottom line is there are too many great, honest, mechanics available. If for any reason you don't feel you can trust a mechanic, find a different one and never look back.

Full Service Repairs

Full service repairs is a matter of convenience rather than a statement of the mechanic's abilities. Some really good mechanics only work on transmissions, for example, but that's not very helpful when you need a transmission to be rebuilt and the fuel injectors to be tuned up also. A great mechanic may have a specialty, but should be able to conduct multiple types of repairs according to what your car needs. If you can find a mechanic capable of conducting any type of repair, you've struck gold and should absolutely stay in touch with him.