The fuel injectors play an important role in the function of your engine. They spray a light gasoline mist onto the engine that helps combine with the oxygen the engine receives to receive and burn gas efficiently. If the fuel injectors are clogged or going bad, your engine may not receive the right amount of gas, causing your car to stall or damaging the engine. Knowing what the signs are of fuel injectors going bad can help you identify the problem when it first develops, ensuring you can get them repaired before major issues develop. Here are a few of those signs.

Poor Gas Mileage

One of the signs that are indicative of fuel injectors being clogged or going bad is poor gas mileage. When your gas does not last as long as it normally does, there are a number of things that may be wrong, including a dirty air filter and your car needing an oil change. However, if none of these issues solves the problem, you may need your fuel injectors cleaned or replaced to get your gas consumption back to where it should be.

Your Car Sputters When it Starts or Feels Like it Will Stall at Lights

One of the key signs of dirty fuel injectors is not enough gas getting to the engine. You will know this is happening if your car sputters when you start it or feels like it is going to stall when you press on the gas pedal after being at a light. Your engine is not receiving the right amount of gas due to a clog in the injector and thus, the sputtering or stalling effect comes into play. If your fuel injectors are extremely dirty or in poor condition, your car may not start or may actually stall at stop signs and lights.

Your Check Engine Light Comes On

The last sign of bad fuel injectors is the check engine light coming on. The fuel injectors are part of your engine system and will trigger this alert in your car. If your check engine light comes on, take your car to a professional to diagnose and fix the problem.

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