AC Recharge Services

Now is a great time to make sure your car is prepared for any remaining summer heat, and ready for fall and winter defrost needs. Winter is not the kindest season to cars. Cold weather and salt can cause all kinds of wear and tear on vehicle parts. To prevent having an AC Replacement situation, tune up your car's AC system now before you need it for your defroster to work on cold days.



AA Auto Tech provides top quality automobile service such as Tune-Up, AC Recharge, Belt and Hose replacement, and more. AA Auto Tech is the perfect place to have your Car Air Conditioner recharged, or belts checked. We are a professional business that places integrity and honest at the forefront of the services that we offer. Our goal is always to build lifetime custom relationships. That is how we build our business.


We are a full service automotive repair facility with a deep connection to the community that we serve. We provide service to the communities of Hastings, Cottage Grove, Invergrove Heights, Eagan, Rosemount, Vermillion, and Hampton. Take advantage of spring and prepare your car for the coming summer.


For all of your automotive care needs stop by AA Auto Tech and let our professionals keep you on the road.