One of the most frustrating things you can encounter is a broken air conditioner, especially during the hot summer months. Many car owners find themselves dealing with constant issues with their AC -- often because it isn't being well-maintained or regularly cleaned. The air conditioning in a vehicle is a fairly delicate and sometimes temperamental instrument, and routine maintenance is necessary to avoid expensive repairs.

Keep Your System Running Even During Winter Months

If you don't want to be in for an unpleasant surprise at the end of the winter months, run your air conditioning system at least once a week -- even when it's cold out. Your air conditioning system needs to work to remain functional, and not using the AC for long periods of time can lead to build up, a lack of lubrication, and other potential issues. Keep the system running for at least a few minutes each time. Running your heating alone isn't going to test out this system. 

Sanitize Your Air Conditioning System

If your air conditioning has an old or musty smell, it may be a good time to sanitize it. These odors often linger, and they can only be covered up without a thorough cleaning. Air conditioning systems can be sanitized using special treatments performed by a technician. This can be especially beneficial to those who are particularly sensitive to poor air quality, such as those with allergies or asthma. As with any system that involves liquids and condensation, an air conditioning system may occasionally grow mold and mildew, which can be dangerous. Sanitization will clean out the inner workings of the air conditioner and its vents. 

Get Your Air Conditioning Serviced

An annual air conditioning servicing is ideal for any vehicle -- but not all auto repair and maintenance services include it. You'll have to ask for it directly. Repair and maintenance technicians will clean out your air conditioning and test it, making sure that it's both well-maintained and efficient. The cost of an air conditioning servicing pays for itself by giving your air conditioning system a longer lifespan. Otherwise you may find yourself having to replace your car's AC faster than you should.

Air conditioning and heating systems are some of the most commonly neglected when completing routine repairs and maintenance -- but they're also absolutely essential for the comfort of your vehicle. If you're concerned about your air conditioning system, contact AA Auto Tech in Hastings, MN today. AA Auto Tech offers full service maintenance and repair, including air conditioning and heating systems.