When your tires are worn, they need to be replaced. If you fail to have tire replacement done when it is needed, your tires may blowout or the tread may wear so thin your tires slide on slick roads. Unfortunately, many of us don't know the signs that indicate tires have reached the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced. Learning these signs and periodically checking your tires for these signs can help prevent many tire problems you can encounter.

The Penny Trick

One of the easiest ways to determine if your tires need to be replaced is to use a penny. Place the penny so that Abraham Lincoln's head is facing down toward the ground. Then insert the penny with the head facing downward into the tread on your tire. If you can see all of Abe's head, you don't have enough tread left on your tires. Ideally, the tire tread should be up to his hairline. Anything less than that isn't effective enough to keep you from sliding on slick or oily surfaces.

Cracks in the Side Wall

While the tread on your tire is important to examine, it's also important to examine the side wall of the tire. If you can easily spot any cracks, dents or slits, you need to have the tire repaired or replaced. The size of the gash will determine whether it can be repaired or replaced. If you fail to do this, the gash can fill with air and a blow out can occur.

Bulges on the Tire

The last sign that indicates that your tire needs to be repaired are bulges or bubbles on the tire itself. These bulges and bubbles can occur for many reasons. The tire may not be aligned or it may have hit a rock. Unfortunately, the bulge or bubble has damaged the rubber, but not enough so that a leak has occurred. Just like with cracks, a bubble or bulge can lead to a blow out or eventually, the rubber may wear thin and a leak may occur. Replacing your tire helps prevent this from occurring.

If your tires are showing any of the above signs, they need to be replaced. If you are in need of tire repair or replacement, visit AA Auto Tech. They can help you with all of your tire and automotive needs in Hastings, MN. For a list of the full services they offer, visit their website today at http://www.aaautotech.com.