Is your vehicle suddenly consuming more gasoline? Are you looking for ways to reduce your gas bill? Fuel consumption is tied to the efficiency of a vehicle -- and efficiency can always degrade over time. Here are a few ways that you can improve your vehicle's efficiency in addition to your fuel economy.

1. Clean Up the Clutter

Every pound of weight in your car will increase the amount of gas you use per mile. Many people get into the habit of storing things both in their rear seats and in their trunk. Take some time to completely clear out the vehicle so that you're not paying to transport more things than you strictly need to. Even something as simple as an extra box in the back of your car could eat up mileage over time. 

2. Fill Your Tires

Poorly filled tires make it more difficult for your engine to operate -- and consequently they require far more fuel. When you go to the gas station, check your tire pressure quickly and then fill your tires as necessary. Your car's tires should state what pressure they should be filled to; don't go above this amount or you could actually cause more damage to your tires. If you notice that any of your tires need to be filled more often, they likely have a slow leak that will need to be repaired. 

3. Get a Tune Up

An engine tune up will ensure that your engine is clean and working at peak performance. Over time, engines experience build up and fall out of calibration, so they cannot work as effectively as they should. A complete engine tune up will do more than improve performance, it will also reduce wear and tear on the engine. This will reduce the amount of repairs and maintenance that must be done on the engine and therefore the costs associated with maintaining your vehicle over time. 


If your gas mileage still isn't where it should be, you may want to get a full check up from a professional. There could be something wrong with your vehicle that is causing your gas mileage to be thrown off, such as an actual problem inside of your engine. AA Auto Tech in Hastings, MN can look over your vehicle to determine whether there are changes that you could be making to save more money at the pump.