Tune Ups 

Maintaining your car with AA Auto Tech not only has a money saving factor, it helps keep your car in top running condition for longer. This means that a proper maintenance program can help your car last longer before it needs to be replaced. That is money in the bank.

Why Choose AA Auto Tech Local Auto Repair:

We provide exceptional automotive repair, maintenance and car care to Hastings MN. We also serve the surrounding communities of Cottage Grove, Invergrove Heights, Eagan, Rosemount Vermillion, and Hampton. We have provided quality automotive services to our communities for the last 22 years. We try to be an example of what a local company should be. This means that we care about the community in which we live and work. That is important to us because we are a family run business. We'd like you to be part of our automotive family too. When you bring your car to AA Auto Tech for Auto Service we provide you with an honest estimate that includes costs, time, and repair options. We also take the time to explain what we find in plain English so that every customer understands what their options are. We do this because that is how we'd want our family treated if they had to take one of their cars to a mechanic.

How A Car Tune Up Saves You Money:

The basic concept is that when your car runs efficiently it requires less fuel to operate, thus saving your money each month. The more you drive the more you save. There are other avenues where money saving opportunities also can be found. Repairing or replacing parts on your car is expensive. You can save money over the life of your car by maintaining it. The better your car runs the less likely it is to suffer from a mechanical breakdown. When you pay for your car to be tuned up you are investing in the monthly and yearly savings that a well maintained car gives back to you. These are costs that you do not necessary notice unless you track fuel mileage, etc. We encourage you to track mileage because it can be a huge indication of when something is wrong.

Saving BANK!

Anther way that regular auto service helps to save you money is in the value of the car as it ages. A car that is well maintained holds value over cars that are not well maintained. When it comes time to trade in your vehicle you can present the service records and often receive more for your trade in than you would if you did not have service records. However, that is not the best way to save money on tuning up your car. The best money is made when you have completely paid for your car and it is in such good shape that you continue to drive it for years past your last payment. Each month that happens you are saving the cost of a new car payment. That is a lot of money to be saving. It can add up to $300, $400 or $500 or more dollars in savings each month. An example of how this works is seen in a 1966 Volvo P1800S which belongs to a man who lives on Long Island, NY. In an article that was published in The Christian Science Monitor in 2012 tells the story of Gordon's car. In 2012, the Volvo had 2,996600 miles on it. That's two million nine hundred ninety six thousand six hundred miles on it. 34,000 short of 3 Million Miles. A lot of people trade their cars in when they are around 100,000 miles. They are losing out on a lot of free car payments. If Gordon's car payment was $300 a month and he drove 50,000 miles a year he would save $197,755.20 in car payments if he paid his car off after 5 years. That is a lot of money to be saving.

If you would like to follow in Gordon's footsteps and start saving money on car repairs, head over to AA Auto Technicians, Inc. for regular maintenance.