Do your brakes need to be checked? Brake issues can be incredibly dangerous, and they usually start with seemingly minor warning signs. These signs and symptoms will slowly progress into a more serious problem. It's always important to get a brake check if you've experienced any of the following issues:

A Soft "Squishy" Feeling in the Brake Mechanism

If you've been driving your vehicle for a while, you know how braking is supposed to feel. One of the first signs that there is a brake fluid problem is a soft, squishy feeling in the braking mechanism itself. As you depress your pedal, you'll feel that it's a little less resistant, and slow to return to its original position. This is a problem that is easy to ignore because it usually doesn't cause any functional problems in the braking. It's still important, because it can ultimately affect how well your brake pedal works.

Vehicle Pulling in a Specific Direction

When you turn left or right, does your car pull, lurch, or jerk in a certain direction? It's easy to assume that this problem originates with the tires or alignment -- and it can -- but it can also be an issue with the brakes on either side of the vehicle. The only way to get this checked is to check the brake pads themselves, located behind the tires. 

Squeaking or Grinding Sounds When Braking

Strange sounds can be ignored because they are, after all, just sounds. They could also not be easily heard from inside of your vehicle. If you do hear sounds though, they're probably indicative of an issue inside of your brake pad or braking mechanism. 

Slow or Intermittent Braking

If your braking is slow or occasionally fails, there's obviously a problem with your brake system. The issue is that many drivers find that these problems are "minor" or occur very rarely -- so they may feel comfortable continuing to drive their vehicle. This is dangerous; brake problems will invariably get worse, and they make do so very suddenly. A part that was damaged can fail, ending your vehicle careening into an intersection. Remember: minor problems do become bigger problems, it's only a matter of time.

The good news is that many brake problems are fairly simple to fix. At AA Auto Tech, we offer comprehensive auto repair services, including our full service brakes shop.  If you're having problems with your vehicle -- or if you just have general questions -- contact us today.