Do you have plans to spend the holidays with family or friends? Make sure you take your car to the auto repair shop for a complete once over before you hit the highway. You don’t want any unexpected car problems to ruin your holidays.

Engine & Transmission Check

If your car is not running up to par or your Engine Light/Diagnostics is lite up, you need to have your car checked over before you leave on your holiday road trip. While it may seem like an expensive hassle to have to have an engine repair or an engine replacement done at least you know your car is going to get you and your family to your destination. The same is true for your transmission, if your car needs a transmission replacement, it is best to do it now, instead of when your car breaks down on the side of the road halfway to your destination.

Oil Change

Oil changes are a basic ‘must do’ part of your car’s maintenance, don’t worry about trying to find the right oil change shops just bring your car to AA Auto Tech, they do it all. You should always have an oil and filter change before heading out on a trip.


If your heater or defroster isn’t working properly take the car into the auto repair shop and have it looked at and repaired if necessary. One thing that will ruin your holiday travel plans is not being able to see out the windshield and a car with minimal to no heat.  

AC Recharge

If you are heading to a warm climate this holiday season, make sure you have your auto repair shop do an AC recharge of you.

Windshield Wipers

Replace your old windshield wipers before you head out and make sure you have the below freezing window washer fluid in your car and bring along an extra gallon for refills, always bring an ice scraper or two with you while traveling.  

Exhaust/Muffler System

Before you head out have the auto repair shop put your car up on the lift and have the exhaust/muffler system checked over to make sure there are no problems.

Tire Repair/Tire Replacement

Your car’s tires are very important, now is the time to have either a tire repair if you are losing air or a tire replacement if the tires are balding, uneven, or have cracks.

Tune Up

To make sure your car is running in tip top condition, have a tune up done before you leave for your trip.


While you have your car at AA Auto Tech, make sure they check your brakes too, there is no reason to go to a specialty brakes shop, they are more than capable of repairing all your car needs.

Buckle up and have a safe trip!