Climate changes affect your car, just as they do you. You wouldn’t go outside in a pair of shorts if the temperature was 24 degrees F, so why would you expect your car to function the same as it does in the warmer months? Your car needs to be winterized to function properly, just as you need to put on a pair of pants and a winter coat to go out in freezing or below freezing temperatures.


Under the category of engine you may run into any of the following problems engine repair, engine light/diagnostics, and engine replacement. The best thing you can do for your car during the blister cold winter months is help protect your car’s engine with oil changes. With AA Auto Tech as your mechanic you don’t have to worry about oil change shops, you can have your oil changed regularly at AA Auto Tech. You also do not need to worry about brakes shop because they do brakes as well.  


During the cold winter months, you will also want to make sure your transmission is running right and that it has enough transmission fluid and in climates where it is below freezing for several months at a time, take care not to let the fluid freeze – if you have a garage it is best to park it inside, it’s not likely your car will need a transmission replacement due to frozen fluid, but better to be safe than sorry.


As the winter months approach preventive auto repair is the best solution. Start the winter off with an oil change, tune up, have your brakes checked, and tire repair/replacements taken care of, have your exhaust/muffler looked over and while you’re at it you might has well have the AC recharge taken care of for the warmer months. Having your car’s battery check or replaced is another smart idea especially if the car has had the same battery for a few years. Have your battery, terminals, cables, and fluid checked to make sure it is operating at its best, you don’t get standard somewhere.


If you live or work in a rural area you may want to consider snow tires, or if you leave in an urban area that gets large amounts of snow each year. Snow tires will help your control your car and keep the car on the road.


Not very many people like to wake up to six inches of snow covering their car and the road, but if you live in a cold and snowy climate you know it is going to happen. It’s always best to be prepared than surprised by elements.