Cars are complex pieces of machinery and lots of things can go wrong with them over time, but auto repair shops see a lot of the same types of problems that require repairs. Often times, these repairs can be avoided by simple things like having tune ups done, the oil changed, the tires replaced, and coolants added when necessary such as in the late spring season you may want to have a quick ac recharge, instead of waiting until that 90 degree day when your car’s A/C is no longer working. The top 5 auto repairs include the following:


1. Brake Work – With AA Auto Tech as your auto repair shop you can skip the brakes shop because AA Auto Tech does brake work.  The most common brake work seen is general wear and tear of the brake pads. You can expect to have your brake pads changed every few years or more often if you put a lot of miles on your car.


2. Oil Changes – Again with AA Auto Tech you can bypass the oil change shops because they do oil changes every day, sometimes several a day. You should have your car’s oil changed every 3,000 or 5,000 miles, sometimes longer depending on the type of oil you’re using. Just remember if you don’t want to see that dashboard light that reads check engine which translates too - Engine Light/Diagnostics, make sure you change the oil regularly, because you do not want to have to have an engine repair or engine replacement done it can be very costly.


3. TiresTire/tire replacement are a common problem. Tires can leak for several of reason. The sidewall may split or the tire can pick up a nail or any type sharp object, especially when driving through construction zones. Tire repairs are quick and inexpensive, but if the tire has to be replaced it takes longer and is more costly.


4. Transmission Replacement – Transmission replacements are complicated and repairs are often not an option due to the complexity of a transmission, money can be saved by replacing the transmission with a used one, but the owner must realize they could start to experience problems again in a shorter time period than if they opt for a new transmission replacement.


5. Exhaust/Muffler System – Sometimes an exhaust/muffler problem can be a simple as the muffler detaching from the exhaust system and hanging down or a small hole that makes the car sound loud.


Other times, the problem can be much more serious and require a lot of work or a new exhaust/muffler system, which can be expensive. If you hear a sound from under your car that doesn’t sound right or wasn’t there before it’s best to take it to the auto repair shop and have it checked out. You could end up saving yourself a lot of money by needing a simple repair, them if you wait and need a new system.


Car repairs are just another part of owning a car, just having to put gas in it, so you can get to where you want to go, preventive maintenance will help your car last longer and prevent costly repairs down the road.