There are very few times when you should let a backyard mechanic touch your car. The first time is when you are the mechanic and it is your car. The second time is when the backyard mechanic is a licensed mechanic with a garage and all the necessary repair tools, equipment is stored in the garage, and it helps if he/she is a relative. Other than that if your car is in need of an auto repair you better head to the auto repair shop, or to a brakes shop if your brakes are acting up, need an oil change get to an oil change shops.

If you are lucky enough to live in Hastings, MN or a surrounding area you are very lucky. AA Auto Tech does all kinds of auto repairs including; brakes, oil changes, tune ups, engine light/diagnostics,  tire repair/replacement, muffler/exhaust systems, engine repair, transmission replacement, engine replacement, and AC recharge, they offer all the repairs and preventive care your car needs.

Let’s take a closer look at why bring your car to a backyard mechanic is a very bad idea, even though the mechanic may have come highly recommended by a family member or friend. Let’s say your check engine/diagnostics light came on, on your way home from work and your car is only 9 months old. That light is reason for extreme concern, you take the car over to the backyard mechanic he looks under the hood and decides that you need an engine repair, but he doesn’t tell you want kind. He doesn’t tell you what kind of repair because he doesn’t he doesn’t know. If your vehicle is newer than 1999 it is mostly computerized and without a diagnostic machine about the only thing a backyard mechanic could do for you is check your oil.

So, let’s say you let the backyard mechanic tinker with your car whether it is your engine, transmission, or brakes. You may be wondering what the harm in having him try and fix a problem, it won’t cost me nearly as much as if I had to take it to the auto repair shop.

News flash! The harm is the unlicensed backyard mechanic without the proper education/knowledge, tools and equipment could end up costing you triple or more the amount of money it would have cost if you took it to the shop in the first place.
That check engine/diagnostics light you had him check and he spent 3 days leaving you without a car while he tried everything under the sun to fix it, so the light would go off with no luck – turned out your gas cap was a little loose!

A word to the wise an auto repair shop may cost more to have your car fixed than a backyard mechanic, but at least you will only have to pay once and you know you’re call will work when you leave the shop.