So many things can go wrong with your car, some are so minor they can wait a few weeks for repair, while others require immediate auto repair. It is difficult to know the difference between what repairs could wait until next week and what repairs should have been done yesterday.


Let’s start with the types of things that should be checked or done regularly to avoid problems in the future. Tune ups are an essential part of the upkeep of your car, if you want the car to keep running. One of the most common auto repairs you should not ignore is a tune up, unless you enjoy being stranded on the side of the road because your spark plugs no longer work and the car no longer moves. If you notice your car does not have the get up and go it usually does take it to the auto shop and have a tune up done so you can avoid the above scenario.


Oil changes are more important than many people realize. If you ignore having your car's oil changed every 3000 to 5000 miles, or whatever the recommended duration for the type of oil you use, you can cause damage to your car’s engine. Be sure to get your car to oil change shops when you should.


Tire repair/replacement is one of those auto repairs you really cannot ignore. Not many people would drive their car with a slow leak that requires you to put air in it several times a day just to get where you need to go. Chances are you wouldn’t attempt to drive with a flat tire, one would hope.  


Once spring arrives it is time to have your AC checked out and make sure all is running correctly and possibly get an AC recharge before the temperatures rise.

Your car’s brakes are another repair you should not ignore. Once the brakes start to squeal when you press on the brake peddle, it will not be long before your car’s brake pedal becomes useless. Before that happens get your car to a brakes shop.


Engine Light/Diagnostics and engine repair anything related to your engine should never be ignored. Your car may have a simple loose gas cap that makes the Engine Light/Diagnostics pop on, or you could have a serious problem under the hood that if it is not repaired quickly could lead to an engine replacement.

Any time you notice an unusual sound coming from under the hood of your car or your car is not driving right, you need to get it to the auto repairs shop. If the cause isn’t your engine it could be your transmission, and a transmission replacement is not a bill you want.

Finally, your car’s exhaust/muffler should never be ignored. Most people recognize an exhaust/muffler problem by the smell and loud noise coming from under your car and occasionally by the sound of your muffler dragging on the ground as you drive down the road.

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