It can be frustrating to run into any type of car trouble, especially if you’re running late or in a hurry. This type of incidents can be easily avoided if you have regular maintenance done on your car.

You should never wait until the brakes start to squeal before you bring your car to the brake shop, nor should you drive around with your check engine light/diagnostics light on for any length of time. One would hope if the check engine light were on you would take your car in and find out what was wrong it and have an engine repair or engine replacement done. Unless of course it would be less expensive to purchase a used car.

Chances are during the summer months if your air conditioning unit was not working you wouldn’t drive around in the sizzling temperatures you would take your car to the auto repair shop and have an AC recharge done.

Would you drive around in your car without having the oil changed for 10,000 miles? No, you would head to the oil change shops.

How about tune ups? Do you have a tune up done on your car every year or every five years? If your muffler fell off you wouldn’t leave it in the road, you would pick it up and head to the auto repair shop and have your exhaust and muffler system repaired.

If your transmission was acting up and your car was having trouble shifting gears, you probably wouldn’t drive it around like that. The jerking motion would be enough to give anyone carsickness.

If you got a flat tire or your tire fell off your car, you would most likely get a tow to the auto shop and have a tire repair/replacement done.

The above all sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well it is, and the sad part is if you had regular, maintenance done on your car you could probably avoid all most all of the above scenarios.

Importance of Car Maintenance

There is numerous car maintenance actions that you need to keep up with if you want your car to run at its best. Having your car checked regularly can prevent accidents, you being stranded and expensive repairs.

  • Have your engine checked regularly. Without an engine, you’re not going anywhere.

  • Checking the brakes needs to be part of your regular car maintenance. Having your brakes checked regularly reduce the risks of accidents caused by a brake malfunction.

  • In the summer months air condition is important, so have your unit checked out and an AC recharge if necessary.

  • Have your tires checked make sure the threads are still in good condition

  • Have the auto repair shop check your transmission to make sure the fluid levels are where they need to be and there are no other pending problems.

  • Have a Tune up done this will keep your car running smoothly.

  • Have the oil changed when it is due.

  • Have your car’s exhaust and muffler system looked over to make sure there are no issues with it.

By having, regular maintenance done on your car by AA Auto Tech you can prevent major car problems and repair expenses in the future.